To Shelley and the Team, It is my greatest pleasure to acknowledge the professional and friendly support our family has received from Mpower You.We have appreciated outstanding support from all the assigned support carers who have enriched our daily lives.To the staff at Mpower You, it has been a pleasure working with you to achieve the goals of my daughters abilities. Thank you for your valuable support during the service agreement, you’ve been most appreciated. Many, many thanks.

Joy and Courtney

I just wanted to let you know that I can’t believe what having a support worker, like Kearie means to me ? I hope that Kearie wants to continue supporting me? She’s professional, understanding, kind and so very easy to talk to. I feel like I could really grow, with her support. We talked for the whole time and it went so quickly. So thank you, you were spot on when you said you thought you might have someone who would be a good fit for me. When Kearie left I was still smiling and I look forward to seeing her again. I have a long ways to go, yet I feel like there’s finally possibilities for me. I was quite exhausted after interacting. I know that it’s so worth it to have someone who gets me. I also know, that we can work towards leaving the house, with her emotional support, to visit a friend I haven’t seen in ages. And even just knowing that anything is possible with the right support worker by my side.


Mpower you has been very supportive with all my needs. I’m very happy with Shelley & Steph for organising everything I could possibly need. I am always very happy with the professionalism of Mpower you support workers. Nothing is ever a bother when I have questions or need extra support.

Linda C

I have found Mpower You is friendly, respectful and consistent in their service. And importantly encourage the customers to make choices. Mpower You provide staff who are reliable and encouraging towards their clients in all areas of life. With encouragement and support from Mpower You and myself, I have seen our son interview his own staff and choose people he feels are a good fit. Something I never ever thought I would see. Our son is naive and a vulnerable young man who struggles with life because of his disability and multiple diagnosis. The staff are able support him and to talk him through events and situations and gain a real trust to enable him to go out into the community and enjoy life. They have taught him important life skills that will eventually lead to improve and gain some independence. It has been a delight as a parent to see our son’s life improve and see him start to plan his week and look forward to his future.

Sue - Parent