Assistance with Social and Community Participation – Core Funding


Assistance with Social and Community Participation - Core Funding

This category of funding helps with supporting you to connect and access your community.  This includes supporting and connecting with community groups, community networks and events as well as building new friendships.  Mpower You can help you access your community in a way that works for you. 

Example of support with social and community participation:

David’s support worker, Brian usually assist him to attend a weekly medical appointment, go to the movies once a month and go shopping at the local shopping centre.  Just recently David has also joined the local cricket team. Brian encourages him to attend regularly and they both catch a train to the cricket grounds. 

David also really likes to listen to music and he has just found out that the band he likes is coming to the local pub to play.  David hasn’t been to see a live band before and although he really wants to go, he is pretty anxious about being around a lot of people as well as going out at night.  He discusses this with his support worker and after checking that he has enough funding, they plan to go together see the band.  David’s support worker helps David to plan and attend the night.  This includes purchasing the tickets and making sure they discuss how to manage the anxiety that David is feeling and helping to implement all the planning on the night so Brian can concentrate on having a great time. 


Some examples of what Community participation may look like:

Weekday daytime rate: $64.04 per hour
Weekday Evening rate: $70.56 per hour
Saturday rate: $90.14 per hour
Sunday rate: $116.24 per hour
Public Holiday rate: $142.35 per hour

Transport charges may apply