Support Coordination


Support Coordination

You might be unsure of exactly how to connect with a Support Coordinator or what exactly a Support Coordinator does or how they can help you but here is a quick guide for you.

Who to choose?

First of all, you need to decide on a Support Coordinator. This can be overwhelming at times, so whether its Mpower You or someone else, it’s always good to make a call and ask any questions you might have to start with. You could ask things like; can you help now or is there a waitlist? Do you have a male/female coordinator available (if you have a preference), how will they bill you or are the coordinators experienced with certain disabilities? You may have some other questions that can help you decide.


Once you have decided on a Support Coordinator, you will have some paperwork to complete. This will be a service agreement and a schedule of supports. This will tell you how you and your Coordination will work together and how much it will all cost. There will most likely be some other paperwork to complete as well. Don’t worry, at Mpower You, we will help you with this if you need us to.

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What else can we do?

We will help to make the best use of your plan. There will be help to build your ability to exercise choice and control to coordinate your services and to access your community. We will ensure that your service agreements and bookings have completed and that you are getting value for money out of your plan. A lot of our work is also done in the background so sometimes even though you are not seeing us, we are still working for you but we will keep you posted on what is happening.


We report back to the NDIS as required. Once at about 8 weeks into your plan (to give an update on how things are going with implementation) and then again about 9 months into your plan. This report is quite detailed and we will work with you to get this report right. It may include gathering other professional reports such as Occupational Therapist, Speech or Mental health reports. We will take all of the information from you, your supports and all of the reports to build this report for the NDIS. This will help the planner to know what has happened over the life of your plan and help them to build your next plan by taking all of the information into account.

Meeting and choices

Your coordinator will arrange a time to meet with you and start working through you plan. They will explain it to you and let you know the kinds of services there are to help you meet your goals. These might not be just NDIS funded services as there might be some other mainstream supports that you may be after such as linking with a GP or maybe a local sporting club. We do not choose services for you but we will help you with options. We can even make the calls if you don’t think you can. With time we will help you to learn how to do more of these things yourself.



At times you may find yourself in a crisis situation. Sometimes things do not go as planned. Your Support Coordination can also help you in these times by supporting you through these times and then to develop your capacity and build resilience in your network of supports. This could take a while but with good supports in place there may be reduction in the crisis supports that you require.

Additional Information about Support Coodinators
NDIS price guide rate for Level 2 Support Coordination
$100.14 per hour

Transport charges may apply

Support Coordinators