Support with Daily Life – Core Funding


Support with Daily Life - Core Funding

These are supports that are tailored to your personal needs. This could be assistance with meal preparation, helping you with some day to day household tasks, shopping, budgeting or helping with your personal care needs. 

There are many other types of assistance that might also fall into this category but no matter what the type of daily living assistance is that you require, we can discuss this with you and help you to plan a way to meet your NDIS goals and help you live as independently as possible.

Example of support with tasks of daily living:

David has a goal in his NDIS plan to be more independent with his daily life.  David knows that he would like to learn how to cook healthier meals and needs to also work out how to plan and cook his meals each week as well as budget for the food he has to purchase.  To do this, David decides that he would like a Support worker to help with his budgets, planning and cooking.  David chose a support worker that he connected well with and felt comfortable talking to about his budgets.  Together they worked out a budget that David could work to.  It also turns out that David’s new worker, Gracie is also a pretty good cook so she passes on some of her skills to David each week.

Weekday daytime rate: $64.04 per hour
Weekday Evening rate: $70.56 per hour
Saturday rate: $90.14 per hour
Sunday rate: $116.24 per hour
Public Holiday rate: $142.35 per hour

Transport charges may apply