Steph and Shelley, I’m not sure how long I’ve been a participant with your company for exactly?

I just wanted you to all know that I feel absolutely blessed 🙏😊 and grateful, for everything that you all, represent to me.

What I’m going through at the moment feels like a roller coaster. Yet due to all of you working together as my team, it has made me feel empowered and excited about the next chapter of my journey and moving on.

There’s absolutely no way I could possibly be able to do this, even on my good days, without you, Steph. You’re one of the kindest, PATIENT and thoughtful people I can think of. You’ve survived me😉 so I thank you for not giving up on me and my needs.

Shelley,  you went out of your way to help me and give me advice. I will forever be grateful for Your company as it’s the ONLY one that I would recommend to other participants. Mpower You represents to me a honest, humble and trustworthy company.

Especially I thank you 🙏 for finding me Brodie. I finally have a hardworking and caring coordinator. It took me a long time to finally have someone on my side actually helping.


I also have to definitely thank you Steph for finding me 3 occasionally 4, amazing support workers. You’ve always said that you knew who I might get along with. You are 100% gifted in creating my support team.

Each of my support workers brings different attributes and strength to my life. I’m humbled by their hard work. Getting me through daily activities, on my bad and good days. I have simply been blessed with these ladies who obviously love their jobs, due to their efforts and our interactions.

Also, as my body ages, I have had to let go of my ego and accept help in so many different ways. Without this supportive team I have.  can’t imagine how I’d be getting through these challenging tests atm.

Warm regards,